The Hillhouse Undergraduate Fund at Yale (HUFY) is a non-profit partnership at Yale University working to create a more diverse and fairer entrepreneurial ecosystem for Yale entrepreneurs. Our student-led organization provides team members with a solid foundation of how venture capital works; how to perform thorough due diligence on companies; and how to facilitate meaningful connections between industry leaders and Yale entrepreneurs.

Support for HUFY comes from VC firms and industry leaders across the country who serve as instructors, guest speakers, sponsors, and mentors


Our sourcing team works to engage with entrepreneurs at Yale and recommend investment opportunities to venture capital partners. Members of our team interview startup founders, pitch ideas to investors, and work hard to connect startup founders with resources.


The HUFY Diligence team performs in depth analysis on Yale based startups and works to vet deals between founders and investors. Team members also contribute to the creation of HUFY’s annual diligence report, which is shared with our network of professional investors.


Yale startups have the opportunity to participate in our annual pitch day event, where founders get the chance to connect and receive feedback from industry experts. Startups who participate in our pitch day event will also receive the opportunity to be featured in our diligence report, which is shared with investors across the country.

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Community Outreach

HUFY aims to work closely with existing on-campus organizations in order to form a more unified entrepreneurial community at Yale. Our goal at HUFY is to find ways to promote the entrepreneurial scene at Yale and connect startups with resources that aid them in their growth.

HUFY Diversity Initiative

HUFY is reimagining the future of innovation by developing the next generation of venture capital leaders from backgrounds that are not traditionally common within the industry.

Our team works to increase opportunities for Black and Latinx innovators, who are apart of communities where entrepreneurs typically face barriers accessing capital and resources.